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Setting Up TP-Link TL-SL2210WEB for UNIFI

What do you do after purchasing and receiving your brand new VLAN switch that is tailored for Malaysia’s UNIFI High Speed Broadband network? Firstly, you need a compatible router to establish your LAN network to connect to UNIFI’s Internet gateway. If you already have something with you, go ahead and test it out by connecting [...]

Inside UNIFI’s broadband network

Somehow we had to publish this piece of information. Despite many blogs and forums with in-depth discussions about UNIFI broadband, there are still gross misconception of what is actually inside a typical UNIFI client premises equipment (or CPE) set up.

TP-LINK Wireless and Broadband CPE NO.1 in the World

A recent report on the global networking terminal device industry for the fourth quarter 2010 by one of the world’s leading industry research organizations — In-Stat, shows TP-LINK’s wireless and broadband CPE shipments both ranked NO.1 in the world for the 4th Quarter, 2010.

Turning entry-levels into stars

By LesterC What I like about TP-Link is that they employ open hardware platforms in most of their routers and wireless access points. Because TP-Link does not have the habit of locking their devices into “manufacturer proprietary mode”, they are today one of the most sought after brands for DIYers and hackers looking for some [...]

WAN or LAN, take your pick

Leading Chinese networking company TP-LINK recently added another model to its range of entry-level enterprise routers with load balancing features. The TP-LINK TL-R470T+ is a 5 port, inter-configurable multiple WAN/LAN product, that enable owners to have custom settings from 1 WAN/4 LANs to 4 WANs/1 LAN, all in one hardware. TP-LINK boasts that the TL-R470T+ [...]

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