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Implementing a private enterprise cloud

After several months of serious pitching, was awarded a contract by a multi-national company based in Kuala Lumpur, to set up a hybrid, private enterprise cloud network infrastructure.

UNIFI User Name & Password

In order to successfully implement the various UNIFI router replacement packages sold at techSTORE in your home or business UNIFI Broadband service, inserting the correct UNIFI user name and password into the PPPOE router is the most critical configuration step among the rest.

Solving poor wireless signals in large areas

We are indeed happy that many of you have benefitted from our range of UNIFI router replacement kits including a handful of die-hard Apple fans who refused to give up on their Apple network devices despite signing up for TM UNIFI HSBB Broadband Service.

More on Unifi equipment replacement

Update (13th November 2011): The various UNIFI router replacement kits in this article are obsolete. To view the latest range of kits available at techSTORE, click here. By LesterC This is one post for the die-hard DIYers wanting to improve Unifi HSBB broadband in their homes or offices. Our incumbent ISP in Malaysia took various [...]

The reality of FREE voice service

Skype changed a lot of things. Businesses, home users alike are beginning to see the benefits of deploying Skype as an alternative to cheaper communication costs. Are they a threat to our home grown telcos or are they the answer to the people’s call for a new converged, global and affordable teleconversation platform? In their [...]

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