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The desktop war continues

By LesterC Several years back, major hardware manufacturers launched smaller laptops known to us today as netbooks, bundled with a variety of free open-source software such as Meego and Linpus. They failed miserably in attempts to shift consumer preference away from the all too familiar Windows desktop.

Ubuntu releases version 11.04

Ubuntu, has released today, version 11.04 of its popular OS software for 32 bit and 64 bit computers. The most notable change is that Ubuntu’s desktop and netbook editions now comes as one, integrated platform. Both desktops and portables will share the same virtual desktop, with icon arrangements closely resembling its predecessor, the 10.10 netbook [...]

Angry Birds going IPO

The producers of popular mobile game, Angry Birds, is grooming its business for initial public offering within the next few years. In a telephone interview, Rovio’s Chief Executive Officer Mikhael Hed said, “We probably want to be in a marketplace that is as liquid as possible, which would probably mean NASDAQ is our stock exchange [...]

Intel completes McAfee acquisition

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 28, 2011 – Intel Corporation have announced the acquisition of McAfee, Inc. is complete. McAfee will continue developing and selling security products and services under its own brand. Intel and McAfee plan to bring the first fruits of their strategic partnership to market later this year, with the intent of tackling [...]

The end of Windows

By LesterC The majority of us do not sit next to a computer to do loads of data processing or to create CAD engineering documents. In fact if we examine our usage carefully, most of us don’t even need a PC to start off our day. The truth is for years we’ve been switching on [...]

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