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Simple SOHO networking

Here’s a typical schematic diagram of a typical SOHO setup suitable for up to 50 network users. The backbone can be connected back to a UNIFI or Maxis high speed fiber broadband service with routing done by a midrange class x86-64 Intel server. 

Implementing a private enterprise cloud

After several months of serious pitching, was awarded a contract by a multi-national company based in Kuala Lumpur, to set up a hybrid, private enterprise cloud network infrastructure.

The desktop war continues

By LesterC Several years back, major hardware manufacturers launched smaller laptops known to us today as netbooks, bundled with a variety of free open-source software such as Meego and Linpus. They failed miserably in attempts to shift consumer preference away from the all too familiar Windows desktop.

Vyatta 514 router close up

Network professionals who use UNIFI Broadband service will love this piece; the Vyatta 514 x86 appliance router. Vyatta Inc. is a little known company situated in Belmont USA and they produce cutting edge routing solutions for cloud, virtual and appliance systems.

techMODDER: “Hacking” Wifi routers with DD-WRT

It is something like jailbreaking your iPhone to get certain restricted functions to work. For many years, a section of the Linux community have been actively developing OpenWRT, an open-source platform that provides the option for you to replace stock firmware of several commercially available wireless routers. For doing this, you will free the routers [...]

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