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Simple SOHO networking

Here’s a typical schematic diagram of a typical SOHO setup suitable for up to 50 network users. The backbone can be connected back to a UNIFI or Maxis high speed fiber broadband service with routing done by a midrange class x86-64 Intel server. 

techMISSION #4

  Several of the most common errors made in implementing home networks is the use of “repeater” wireless devices and installing second layer wireless routing. Owners of large bungalow or multi-storey homes usually finds it a bane to design a wireless network to cover the entire premises and in pursuit of doing so, more often [...]

Improving your home networking – by D-Link


The art of fine home networking

  If you are owner of a bungalow or large size uptown condominium, and you have several PCs, MACs, printers and portable devices connected to a high speed Internet broadband service, the unsightly view of home networking peripherals is probably nothing new to you. Yeah, you have spent hundreds of thousands of Ringgit on fine [...]

Solving poor wireless signals in large areas

We are indeed happy that many of you have benefitted from our range of UNIFI router replacement kits including a handful of die-hard Apple fans who refused to give up on their Apple network devices despite signing up for TM UNIFI HSBB Broadband Service.

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