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techMISSION #3

  Malaysian high speed fiber broadband services by TM UNIFI, Maxis and P1 are the fastest bandwidth services that one could subscribe to in this country. Other competing services that rides on traditional ADSL or 3G networks do not come close at all in meeting demands of high speed access required by many. Internet users [...]

Trunking 2 media players with 1 cable

With UNIFI broadband, you are all set to go with the latest IPTV gadget from HyppTV and after installation you realise that the UNIFI IPTV set top box requires a dedicated network cable from the source to your LCD TV. So you have already built a single channel UTP CAT5e copper cable in the past [...]

Accessing home storage from the Internet (Part One)

(Image courtesy of Dynamic DNS services are like our identification documents, keeping track of domain names belonging to the rightful dynamically assigned IP addresses, as in how identification documents keep track of identity numbers belonging citizens and their names. By LesterC You have purchased a home network storage device and it is presently doing [...]

RAIDON SAS 6G Storage Solutions with Speed and Stability

RAIDON is releasing the new generation of SAS 6G storage solutions, the GearTANK – GR2880 and GR4880. These models can to be easily deployed while offering stability at highest performance beyond 700 MB/s to the SMB.

Taking the bull by the horns

Renowned Japanese network attached storage maker, Buffalo are never short of impressive with their current line up of storage solutions. From top range rack mount iSCSI supported hardware for professional applications to simple, single drive units for the average consumer, Buffalo has everyone in mind; every computer user has the need for safe and reliable [...]

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