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Public & Private Clouds

  It’s cheap and available abundantly. Starting from 1.0GB storage space, cloud-based storage services are available for signups for free. Today there are many ways to get access to cloud storage solutions, from big names like DropBox or iCloud. But putting them on the table, a cloud storage service is not different from your private [...]

Polycom QDX 6000 Video Conference System

  The Polycom QDX 6000 are easy to configure and set up, which uses H.323 protocols and they offer many options for customisation. It allows customers to quickly get up and running in no time, making this a compelling choice for small to medium size businesses in need of a reliable video conferencing solution. 

Software Defined Networking (SDN) by Vyatta

  By Lester Chan (Adapted from an email to CJ See, owner/co-founder of When workplace networks become large with as many as 20 people or more, access loading on the gateway router will obviously be higher. Let me paint this scenario; it’s like running VirtualBox in your PC. The loading on the PC’s memory [...]

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 to get Premium Suite upgrade

  By Don Reisinger Source: New features include multiple window support and the ability to see the most frequently used apps in a single pane. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is getting the company’s Premium Suite upgrade pack. 

iPhone 5 launching in 50 countries in Dec

  By Dylan Bushell-Embling Source: Apple has confirmed it will launch the iPhone 5 in more than 50 new countries this month, starting in South Korea. In anticipation of the device’s South Korean debut, regulators are meanwhile instructing operators not to offer excessive subsidies on the device, in violation of local law. 

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