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The desktop war continues

By LesterC Several years back, major hardware manufacturers launched smaller laptops known to us today as netbooks, bundled with a variety of free open-source software such as Meego and Linpus. They failed miserably in attempts to shift consumer preference away from the all too familiar Windows desktop.

Vyatta 514 router close up

Network professionals who use UNIFI Broadband service will love this piece; the Vyatta 514 x86 appliance router. Vyatta Inc. is a little known company situated in Belmont USA and they produce cutting edge routing solutions for cloud, virtual and appliance systems.

A quick look at Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

By LesterC Ubuntu released the latest version of its popular Linux distro on April 28th. If you are new to Linux, Ubuntu is currently the most sought after Linux flavour with its highly user-friendly installation process, desktop interface and snap-quick start up and shutdown time.

Ubuntu releases version 11.04

Ubuntu, has released today, version 11.04 of its popular OS software for 32 bit and 64 bit computers. The most notable change is that Ubuntu’s desktop and netbook editions now comes as one, integrated platform. Both desktops and portables will share the same virtual desktop, with icon arrangements closely resembling its predecessor, the 10.10 netbook [...]

It’s not game over yet for MeeGo

Despite encountering failures when Nokia switched allegiance to Windows recently, MeeGo, a Linux-variant operating system that is designed to power handsets, netbooks and other types of mobile devices, made some much needed headlines when Fujitsu announced the first MeeGo preinstalled netbook, the Fujitsu LifeBook MH330. The LifeBook MH330 is built with modest specifications; a 1.66GHz [...]

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