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techMISSION #4

  Several of the most common errors made in implementing home networks is the use of “repeater” wireless devices and installing second layer wireless routing. Owners of large bungalow or multi-storey homes usually finds it a bane to design a wireless network to cover the entire premises and in pursuit of doing so, more often [...]

XBMC Media Center

  Easily the best media center application, free or commercial. One of the most incredible examples of the power of open source development! Great media player. Can play everything. Really easy to use. Extensible through plugins and scripts. XBMC is an open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. [...]

techMISSION #3

  Malaysian high speed fiber broadband services by TM UNIFI, Maxis and P1 are the fastest bandwidth services that one could subscribe to in this country. Other competing services that rides on traditional ADSL or 3G networks do not come close at all in meeting demands of high speed access required by many. Internet users [...]

Maxis Home Fiber Internet Service

One of the closest competitor to TM’s UNIFI Broadband service in Malaysia is Maxis Home Fiber Internet. Well, sort of. Other than differing product packages, Maxis Home Fiber however is still a subset of TM’s High Speed Broadband network in the sense that they share the same gateway and the same identical outbound bandwidth pipes.

Improving your home networking – by D-Link


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