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Instagram retreats on new service terms following backlash

  Source: NEW YORK: Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service, has retreated from some of the controversial changes in its terms of service that prompted a fierce backlash from users earlier this week. In a blog post, Instagram founder and CEO Kevin Systrom apologized for a failure to “communicate our intentions clearly.” The terms of [...]

Apache’s Hadoop

By LesterC Sometime ago, I recalled watching a National Geographic documentary about birds. There was this particular bird, lens-picked by the cameraman and it was being observed over several days. What the bird did was it docked next to a pond, used its beak and dropped bits of grass over the waters to attract fishes. [...]

Facebook leaks account data to advertisers

Source: Enterprise Innovation In an unfortunate turn of luck, Facebook inadvertently gave advertisers and other third parties access to confidential user account data by way of an application which leaked the critical information, Symantec found recently. Facebook applications are Web applications that are integrated onto the Facebook platform. According to Facebook, 20 million Facebook applications [...]

Facebook to unveil financials, raises US$1.5b

Source: SEATTLE, Jan 22 — Facebook is preparing to open its books this year or early in 2012 to give investors a glimpse into the financial workings of the world’s No. 1 social network, after it sealed an oversubscribed US$1.5 billion (RM5.1 billion) round of financing led by Goldman Sachs. The financing, US$1 billion [...]

Facebook is now No. 1

Experian HitWise, released data today, showing being the most popular and visited website in the United States in year 2010, overtaking for the first time. Our favourite social networking website was already listed as the most searched term for 5 straight years, and 2010 made them the new leader. Facebook trailed from the [...]

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