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Public & Private Clouds

  It’s cheap and available abundantly. Starting from 1.0GB storage space, cloud-based storage services are available for signups for free. Today there are many ways to get access to cloud storage solutions, from big names like DropBox or iCloud. But putting them on the table, a cloud storage service is not different from your private [...] is migrating to new servers

Due to increasing web traffic and to serve you better, we have now migrated our techSTORE website to a new data centre, with our own dedicated servers and bandwidth. The new servers are live by now. If you still have problems accessing our site, clear your browser’s cache and head on to . Thank [...]

Implementing a private enterprise cloud

After several months of serious pitching, was awarded a contract by a multi-national company based in Kuala Lumpur, to set up a hybrid, private enterprise cloud network infrastructure.

IBM System x3250 M3 Rack Server

This is something we don’t get to see every day. Recently we ordered four units of the IBM System x3250 M3 single U rack mount server for a client, to establish a VPN network linking several offices located in Malaysia and the United Kingdom to a hosted cloud server backend. The x3250 M3s are the [...]

Accessing home storage from the Internet (Part Two)

(Click here for Part One) By LesterC Network Area Storage (NAS) solutions sold commercially today are mostly web-enabled devices and uses LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) at the source to deliver powerful storage solutions over networks. In their simplest form, a NAS box can be installed in a local network, assigned with a private [...]

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