Simple SOHO networking

Simple SOHO networking by

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Here’s a typical schematic diagram of a typical SOHO setup suitable for up to 50 network users.

The backbone can be connected back to a UNIFI or Maxis high speed fiber broadband service with routing done by a midrange class x86-64 Intel server. 

Using virtualisation technology from KVM, the server hardware is perfect fit for basic services like file sharing (SAMBA), network routing (Broccade Vyatta) and can accommodate at least another 5 more server apps supporting any Windows or Linux based services.

For fault tolerance, at least dual disks are required configured in RAID 1 mode, either at software or hardware level, although the latter is most recommended due it its efficiency, speed and easy-of-use. For hardware, any entry level single U IBM, Asus, HP or Dell servers will do the job well.

At the network’s end, a dedicated 300Mbps Wireless-N access point is connected back to the core switch (24 or 48 ports depending on needs) to provide seamless wireless access for mobile users.

Proper cabling with patch panels, RJ45 faceplated sockets and decent quality CAT5e cables are recommended, in order to reduce maintenance issues later on. If the length of cables does not exceed 30 meters, any good quality China-made cable will do, if beyond those lengths, do consider cables from Belden or AMP.

Simple SOHO networking

Simple SOHO networking Malaysia

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