Unboxing Samsung’s ATIV Smart PC


This is one of the first models of Samsung hybrid PC tablet that offers Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system.

Hybrid PC tablets are not new; for instance Asus and Acer have had their Eee PCs and Iconia tablets for more than 2 years now. 

The introduction of PC tablet hybrids did generate a lot of interest from the very beginning and Asus did sold out most of their Eee PC tablets during launch dates, keeping many more other buyers on a long waiting list thereafter.

But from a practical sense, how useful an Android PC tablet still remains questionable; computer user expectation still prefers Android to be touch-based and anything that comes with keyboards should technically be Windows.

This is where the Samsung ATIVs fills in the gap.

Engadget’s earlier report of AT&T LTE’s Samsung ATIVs, “The Smart PC represents everything we’ve loved and hated about the company’s tablet designs, which is to say it’s comfortable to hold, but feels cheaply made given the high price.”

Yes, the ATIV’s back cover is just plastic painted to look like brushed metal. Samsung could have improved the body works to give the ATIVs a more appealing appearance.

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC is now available at techSTORE thePCHARBOR.com at an introductory price of RM2,499.00 only. Models sold in Malaysia comes with keyboard dock and without 3G module.

Here’s some images of the entry level Samsung ATIV Smart PC, fresh right out the box:-

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