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Public & Private Clouds

  It’s cheap and available abundantly. Starting from 1.0GB storage space, cloud-based storage services are available for signups for free. Today there are many ways to get access to cloud storage solutions, from big names like DropBox or iCloud. But putting them on the table, a cloud storage service is not different from your private [...]

Simple SOHO networking

Here’s a typical schematic diagram of a typical SOHO setup suitable for up to 50 network users. The backbone can be connected back to a UNIFI or Maxis high speed fiber broadband service with routing done by a midrange class x86-64 Intel server. 

Implementing a private enterprise cloud

After several months of serious pitching, was awarded a contract by a multi-national company based in Kuala Lumpur, to set up a hybrid, private enterprise cloud network infrastructure.

Apache’s Hadoop

By LesterC Sometime ago, I recalled watching a National Geographic documentary about birds. There was this particular bird, lens-picked by the cameraman and it was being observed over several days. What the bird did was it docked next to a pond, used its beak and dropped bits of grass over the waters to attract fishes. [...]

Compact server power

By LesterC Virtualisation has drawn many changes to the way servers, back room applications and services are implemented today. With downright new wave, hypervisor solutions from companies like VMWare and Citrix, the landscape of servers and the way they are designed to serve us has been completely transformed.

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