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Polycom QDX 6000 Video Conference System

  The Polycom QDX 6000 are easy to configure and set up, which uses H.323 protocols and they offer many options for customisation. It allows customers to quickly get up and running in no time, making this a compelling choice for small to medium size businesses in need of a reliable video conferencing solution. 

WiFi only

Most people who bought 3G tablet computers never activate their 3G accounts. Analysts have described this group of people as a potentially massive audience and tablet makers like Motorola have alluded that they too would become supplier to part of this market.

Number porting for Google Voice in USA

Source: Last week, after nearly two years of waiting, Google Voice finally enabled number porting — the highly requested feature that lets you transfer an existing phone number to Google’s powerful telephony service. And then, just as everyone was getting excited, the feature disappeared. But now it’s back. Turns out last week’s number porting [...]

New Skype client for iPhone

Fresh from the oven, international VOIP solutions provider Skype announced the release of a new Skype client for iPhone and iPod Touch, capable of supporting video calls across WiFi and 3G connections.

The reality of FREE voice service

Skype changed a lot of things. Businesses, home users alike are beginning to see the benefits of deploying Skype as an alternative to cheaper communication costs. Are they a threat to our home grown telcos or are they the answer to the people’s call for a new converged, global and affordable teleconversation platform? In their [...]

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