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Instagram retreats on new service terms following backlash

  Source: NEW YORK: Instagram, the popular photo-sharing service, has retreated from some of the controversial changes in its terms of service that prompted a fierce backlash from users earlier this week. In a blog post, Instagram founder and CEO Kevin Systrom apologized for a failure to “communicate our intentions clearly.” The terms of [...]

Great sound from small boxes

  Forget solid state or MOSFET amplifiers. Hifi enthusiasts in today’s world of hybrid digital and analog audio technology have a new choice for amplification power; small, tiny and energy efficient Class D/T digital amplifiers. Unless you are a fan of traditional tube amps, buying a solid state or MOSFET amplifier may no longer be [...]

Microsoft Scroogled Site Challenges Google Shopping Honesty

  by Chris Spera Source: Are you getting Scroogled? It’s a word invented by Microsoft to describe what it says Google is doing to users of its Google Shopping tool: It rips them off by limiting search results to paid advertisers only. According to Microsoft, the unbiased relevance listings Google Shopping claims to provide [...]

The dead of Big-Box stores

  By Lester Chan A few days ago, I walked into a post office and talked with several postmasters on duty. I casually asked one of them and said that courier business appears to be pretty brisk recently. The postmaster replied me and said yes it is. A few months ago, he said he could [...]

Notice of access interruption –

Internet backbone at our data center is down after a freak storm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia several hours ago. Engineers are now at work to restore network access and our techSTORE at shall be accessible again in a few hours time from now (4.30pm GMT +8.00). Any inconvenience caused is much regretted and we [...]

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